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Published: 14th May 2012
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Here are ways of getting rid of wrinkles naturally: apply lemon and sugar, treat skin with avocado paste, use cucumber slices, use vitamin C-laden skin products, apply egg whites on skin, tap skin with rose water, and drink lots of water.

Other folks visit expensive salons or undergo expensive clinical procedures to get rid of their wrinkles. While you can perfectly have these intensive operations completed on the skin when you have sufficient funds, you also have the choice of curing your wrinkled skin using natural products that are just as effective as the costly remedies.

Utilize lemon and also sugar

Get a piece of lemon and cut it into two. On one slice of the lemon, sprinkle half a teaspoon of granulated sugar on it. Apply the lemon on your face and softly rub it all over but being careful not to include the eyes or let juice get into them. Before you execute this easy procedure, though, you should test it on a tiny portion of your skin to find out if you'll acquire any allergic result to it such as dry skin and redness. On a small area on the internal part of your arm, rub fresh lemon juice on it and wait for approximately fifteen to thirty minutes. If there's no uncomfortable skin reaction, then use the lemon on your face. If you will still develop the damaging reaction, discontinue use and clean your face with water quickly. After that, head straight to your doctor to get the allergic reaction treated. Otherwise, if there's no uncomfortable skin reaction, apply the method every evening or even more depending on how the skin reacts to the lemon juice.

Treat skin using avocado paste

Obtain half a piece of ripe avocado and scoop out its meat in a bowl. Then, pour into the bowl with the avocado meat a teaspoon of argan oil wrinkles, essential olive oil, or vegetable oil. Mix the 2 ingredients well to make a paste. And simply apply the paste directly on the skin and leave it in place for approximately twenty minutes. Then, wash the organic paste off your skin with warm water.

Apply cucumber cuts

Get ready a few pieces of cucumber and place them all over the face to eliminate the presence of wrinkles and fine lines by tightening your skin. Perform this easy process daily for at about 15 minutes to make it truly effective. You may even place cucumbers on your eyes too in order to erase dark circles around them.

Utilize vitamin C-laden skin products

Constantly use skin products on your skin like creams or powders that contain vitamin C in it. It is because, according to experts, vitamin C has the capability to improve the condition of the skin since it provides the essential vitamin that's needed for repairing damaged and worn out tissues. Additionally, vitamin C is effective in taking away dark age spots giving you a younger-looking and clearer skin tone.

Use egg whites on skin

Give your skin a lift and lower the existence of wrinkles by using egg on the face. Simply crack an egg, separate the egg yolk from the white, and apply the white on your skin. Leave the white on the face for about 30 minutes and wash it off with warm water. Do this every day and you will notice the wonderful effect after a few weeks.

Tap your skin with rose water

Utilize rose water on your skin by dipping a clean piece of cotton swab into the rose water and tap it on your skin especially the areas around the eyes.

Consume lots of water

Consume lots of fresh plain cool water every day to enhance the suppleness on the skin and make it less susceptible to developing more wrinkles.

As much as possible, avoid the harmful environmental elements that can worsen your wrinkles such as sun exposure and smoking.

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